[closed] CRAFT Bakery & Cafe @Holland Village

Note: CRAFT Bakery & Cafe has ceased operations at this location.

Got to have kopi...

Got to have kopi…

After a less-than-filling dinner at Cucina, we decided to look for a cafe to nibble more food…

We found the last 2-seater available indoors at CRAFT Bakery & Cafe, and we still couldn’t quite figure out where Mu Palour was, so we decided to stay here instead.

The Craft was sold out 😦 Hubby decided on the Har Cheong Kai burger while I settled for a original Lava Cake. Ok… I did say nibble right? Hubby is not a fan of sweet desserts, so he had to order something savoury right 😛

Actually, I’m also not super huge on sweet desserts, but hey! Lava Cake is supposed to be good here…

Lava cake

Lava cake

The lava cake came way before the burger and I was slightly disappointed that the chocolate lava did not quite ooze out 😦 However, I liked that it was not overly sweet and the rather lovely vanilla ice cream complemented the cake well 🙂

The burger was quite good (And I think it’s really good lah, because we kept finding but we couldn’t find any photos of it in our phones, meaning we didn’t take a picture?!!??!)! The prawn paste flavour was not overly strong, and the bread had a good crunch but yet was not hard. We rather enjoyed it. However, the side serving of fries was quite salty, not too sure if it was already salty to begin with, or if the Parmesan cheese made it even saltier!

And funnily, hubby felt that the cafe latte here tasted weird… It was salty apparently 😦 Must be the fries causing confusion to his taste buds…


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