Amirah’s Grill @Bussorah Street

Turkish Mixed Tenderloin Kebab

Turkish Mixed Tenderloin Kebab

We ended our day by paying a visit to Arab Street, hoping to catch some of the Hari Raya festivities. But alas, we must have came too late, because the street foods were mostly sold out.

Walking along Bussorah Street, most of the restaurants were very crowded, so we decided on Amirah’s Grill when we spotted some empty tables! Also, I recalled having dinner here once with my colleagues and the food was not bad (there were posters of awards hanging on the walls). The deco was very middle-eastern with lots of carpets and leather seats, and with (very) loud music playing in the background.

It was difficult to get the staff’s attention, but once we settled down, food was served rather quickly.

After the entire day of eating, we were not really up for a full dinner, so we decided to share a set ($33.90) – Chicken soup, Hummus, Moutabel (smoked eggplant dip), Mixed Grilled Kebab, Basbousa and Iced Mint Tea.

The rest

The rest

  • The hearty Chicken Soup was slightly spicy, with chicken shreds floating in the soup, and somehow reminded hubby of sharks fin soup 😛
  • The garlic bread and pita went well with the hummus and moutabel, and hubby loved it so much that he was almost wiping up all the dips, haha!
  • The Turkish Mixed Tenderloin Kebab consisted of grilled chicken skewer, grilled beef tenderloin skewer and kofta (minced lamb roll), served with steamed buttered rice. The chicken was really tender and juicy! Hubby enjoyed the beef with fatty bits too! The kofta was alright, but the other 2 were nicer 🙂
  • Dessert was Basbousa (made of semolina) and it was served warmed. Sweetened by honey, the texture was slightly grainy and it got very fragrant as we chewed on it. Delicious! But luckily we were sharing, because it was a bit too sweet for us.
  • The mint tea was very minty indeed! Very refreshing and thirst-quenching!

This was a lovely meal to end our day out 🙂


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