The Orange Thimble @Tiong Bahru

Beautiful paintings

Beautiful paintings

After satisfying my porridge craving, it was time to satisfy hubby’s craving. We decided to go to The Orange Thimble!

Not too sure what to make of this place. What we did like was that there were more private seating inside the cafe, so we had an entire corner to ourselves 🙂

The walls were lined with paintings of street views in Tiong Bahru, and we thought that they were just lovely; apparently these pieces were painted entirely using stylus and Samsung mobile phone, Wow!

Afternoon tea!

Afternoon tea!

We ordered Iced Cafe Latte ($7), Chai Tea Latte ($5.50) and Cheese Cake with Crumble ($7.50).

Hmm… The chai latte had an orangey-cinamon-ey sugary taste to it… Not quite the chai latte that I was expecting 😦 The cafe latte was alright… The cheesecake, though delicious, was also quite different from the ones we usually have; it was soft, cheesy and strangely very milky… It was not only crumbly at the top, but also at the base, making it rather difficult to eat.


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