Cafe Hopping series: Butter Studio @Jalan Besar

Cosy deco

Cosy deco

Ok, we didn’t actually intended to continue with cafe hopping today… We actually wanted to have an early dinner and call it a day, because I was really super tired. After freshening up at City Square Mall and enjoying the cooling air-conditioning for a while, we decided to go to Swee Choon for dinner since it was just nearby.

So we started walking and walking, and when we finally arrived, we then realised that it only opens at 6pm… Silly us forgot to check the opening hours! With about 50 minutes to spare, we decided to hang around somewhere nearby, and chanced upon Butter Studio!

Summer Apple Iced Tea

Summer Apple Iced Tea

We were really too full to eat anything, though the cupcakes and tarts looked really inviting! Hubby settled for a Summer Apple Iced Tea ($6), while I simply had water (with lemon slices). The iced tea was refreshingly light and was already sweet even without the additional sugar syrup.

What we liked about this little cafe was the very relaxed atmosphere! There was a small selection of books, so hubby could do some reading while sipping his tea. There were some small magnetic board games available as well, but unfortunately, some of the pieces were missing.

Overall, a nice little cafe to chill out, and we gotta come back to try its baked goods!


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