Cafe Hopping Series: Old Hen Coffee Bar @Rangoon Road



Our next stop was a 20-minute walk away, which was good because at least we got to digest some of the food in our tummies 🙂

We walked along the small lanes, spent some time taking pictures with JY’s Polaroid camera… It was very hard work and I was so afraid of dropping the camera 😮 stressed! But fun! Haha! She took a really nice picture of us 🙂

Hubby was also pretty good at it, and of course, I was the half-past-six one, concentrating very hard on trying to focus without even thinking about the background, argh! I wasted film 😦 but JY was very encouraging lah… Hahaha!

When we eventually reached Old Hen Coffee Bar, we were still too full to eat anything, so hubby had a white Cold Brew ($6.50), JY tried a cold-pressed tea ($5) and I continued with a hot matcha latte ($5). Yes, very hot day but my tummy was giving me trouble! Argh!

This was a really small place, but what caught our eyes were the light fixtures made of fans, very lovely! It was also only offering a soft launch menu, so there weren’t many items on the menu. It was rather quiet when we arrived, but quickly got crowded as we settled down to enjoy our drinks – luckily we arrived 10 minutes ahead of the crowd!

Hot Matcha Latte

Hot Matcha Latte

White Cold Brew

White Cold Brew

The latte was super cold and really very milky; I couldn’t resist a sip and was rewarded with immediate spasms 😮 Guai guai drank my matcha latte instead, which was surprisingly not bad, not the super milky type, but I would have preferred a stronger hint of bitterness. The cold-pressed tea was looking really pretty with plenty of ice cubes bobbing around, so I declined JY’s offer of a sip; she said it was very nice though!

We continued to hang around till 4-ish before we parted our ways, but not before promising to meet up again next month for anther cafe-hopping day! Super looking forward to it!!


  • Location: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-03 S(218374)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 10pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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