The Little Prince Creamery @Toa Payoh

Beautiful decorations

Beautiful decorations

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Kettle-hunting led us to Toa Payoh and we decided to nua somewhere to rest our aching arms and legs… It is hard work trying to prepare for renovations! Ok, this is just an excuse for us to try out another cafe, though my arms are really aching…

We really liked the decorations of this place. Painstakingly drawn by marker pens, even the floors had the parquet floor design! All the tables and chairs had marker-drawn edges. We also liked the staircase that seemingly led to this “second floor” and there was another staircase from the “first floor” at their Little Prince Cafe at Somme Road, thus having this special connection between the 2 places! This black-and-white space really make us felt like we were in another world 🙂

Bacon and Cheese Waffle

Bacon and Cheese Waffle

Savoury Waffle ($7.90): Against all convention, we ordered the Ham and Cheese Waffle (which was the Special of the Day) while the rest of the world had waffles with Gelato. I think this place is actually quite popular for Gelato? But nonetheless, we weren’t feeling gelato-ish, and we were glad that we tried this savoury waffle!

Served with a generous drizzle of mayonnaise, the ham was already mixed into the batter, while the waffle was served as two halves stacked one on top of the other, with melted cheese in between. Very eggylicious and we rather enjoyed this soft-on-the-inside waffle 🙂

Iced Latte and Matcha Latte

Iced Latte and Matcha Latte

Iced Latte ($5): This earned a “ok lah” from hubby, slightly better than the Nestlé version back home. Personally, I thought it was quite aromatic!

Hot Matcha Latte ($5): Abit too sweet for me, with barely a hint of bitterness, so I will try something else the next time…

Couple of tables outside

Couple of tables outside

We were about to leave the place when we noticed a table reading a pop up book. That was when we noticed a few versions of Little Prince at the corner of the bench facing outside. Ooh! We waited to read the very lovely pop up book… You gotta read it when you are here!

And since we stayed long enough, we also saw the staff carry a move-able ramp to the outside, to help a man in wheelchair to come into the cafe. Very caring of them!


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