NOX – Dine in the Dark @Beach Road

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Dining in the dark

Dining in the dark

As part of the special day, we decided to have an unique experience 🙂

NOX Dine in the Dark has an unique concept. Customers are led to a completely dark room to have a culinary journey through taste, smell, touch and sound, in total darkness!

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

We arrived at the restaurant right on time, and had to deposit our bags and anything that could emit lights like watches and phones into a locker. A receptionist came to explain to us what would be happening, and served us the only dish that we were able to see, Salmon Sashimi appetiser.

We were then led upstairs by a server to a totally pitched dark dining room. We had to feel for the chairs and sat down. Then we were told to feel for the utensils and to familiarise ourselves of the position by heart. It’s not easy!

Initially we thought we were the only customers and so we spoke rather loudly. Then as time passed by, we heard other customers too! And then we lowered our volume. Haha…

We had 3-course of 2 starters, and one main course and omit the dessert. Each course had 4 dishes on a plate, and we had to use senses other than sight to figure out what we were eating. It was great fun discussing with each other on the dishes!

After the dinner, we were led back to the reception area and the mystery was revealed to us in the form of photos. We must say the dishes were creatively though out, tasty, and some were just out of our imagination!


  • Location: 269 Beach Road S(199546)
  • Hrs: 6pm – late (Mon-Fri), 5pm – late (Sat), 5pm – 11pm (Sun)
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