(working title) @Arab Street

Its a cafe cum hostel

Its a cafe cum hostel

It is a special day today! It almost became ultra-special when the both of us were feeling a little under the weather and almost couldn’t go for our date 😨

Anyway, we decided that we would go ahead with our dinner plans and just chill prior to that. So we were actually chilling out at the National Library, trying to browse some books for the upcoming trip (Ok, maybe not that chill…) when we decided to go and really chill at some nearby cafe.

That was when I remembered this Sugar app and yippee! I bought my first item on Sugar – $2 cafe latte at (working title), and that was how we ended up here.

That was also how we realised that there were really many, many cafés in this area, with more being renovated and coming soon 😱

Simple and rustic

Simple and rustic

We reached just after 5pm, and there was just one empty table inside the cafe.

This little place is part of Shophouse The Social Hostel, and has a very rustic feel! Parts of wooden crates were used as table tops, and chairs were of varied types. Empty boxes, crates and granny sacks were used as decorations. The reception of the hostel is at a corner of the cafe, and is made of red bricks. Seats were quite near each other but there were sufficient space for people to walk in between tables easily.

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte

The Chai Latte ($5.50) was sweet with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon powder, but the Cafe Latte was not particularly special, though still “better than what we have at home”. I took a sip and it was SO bitter!

As it was quite close to dinner time, we didn’t try any foods or desserts, but having seen one of the staff use his bare hands to push the pie pieces into place and placing a cake at the incorrect level of the display fridge (the lighting rods were smeared with cream because the cake was too tall!) and we were quite glad that we didn’t try…😰


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