Criollo Cocoa Cafe @Orchard Gateway

Clean lines

Clean lines

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Hubby loitered around this area while waiting for me to knock off, and chanced upon this cafe! So he found a quiet little corner and spent almost 2 hours here, enjoying his cup of Earl Grey ($4.50), while people-watching… Nice place to chill! The seats are quite spread out so there is plenty of privacy for conversations 🙂

Since he already had such a comfortable lounging chair, we decided to stay here for dinner as well.

Classic Beef Burger

Classic Beef Burger

Decided to have the Big Breakfast ($19.90) and Classic Beef Burger ($16.90). Seemed rather expensive but prices are inclusive of tax (what tax huh? Don’t think this is a GST-registered company?) and there is no service charge. Water is free-flow and available near the ordering counter.

This must be a fairly new cafe because the cashier was having a difficult time entering the orders and the prices were different on the menu board and the menu at the counter… Haha…

While waiting for our food to arrive, we played with the WeLOMO photo booth. It was pretty tough to get a photo printed, because the print code kept changing… But finally, hubby managed to print one! Yah!



Foodwise, hubby compared the texture of the beef patty to fishball 😮 It was more like a paste, and stuck to the soft, non-toasted bun. Well, I supposed that one could enjoy this burger without making a mess… The thick toast of the Big Breakfast could also do with a bit more time in the toaster. The mushrooms, while quite delicious, were rather salty, and the eggs were extremely buttery. I supposed one should eat these with the toast? But I didn’t like the toast… So… Heh. My favourite item was the very juicy tomato slice!

There was an on-going promotion of having 2 free scoops of ice-cream if we spent more than $30 in a receipt, so I ordered a lychee sorbet and vanilla ice-cream… Ice-creams are good for sore throat 😛 The lychee sorbet had bits of lychee inside and had a refreshing light flavour. The vanilla ice cream was a tad too sweet. But overall, not bad for a otherwise $2 per scoop ice cream 🙂



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