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The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe @Holland Village

There are two very popular places for ice cream along the same stretch of Chip Bee Garden, namely The Sunday Folks and The Daily Scoop. We walked past an empty The Daily Scoop around 13:30, only to realise that this place is opened from 14:00. A few shops ahead, there was a rather long queue at Sunday Folks! Anyway, our destination was Phoon Huat, so we happily whisked past the crowd queuing in the rather hot and humid weather, and entered the air-conditioned Phoon Huat in bliss.

Well, there was only that much we could shop in Phoon Huat, and 20 minutes later, we left with our purchases. Pretty nice timing for some delicious waffles at The Daily Scoop!

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Double Scoops @AMK

Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Waffle for lunch, anyone?

We came to check out this place, as it was in G’s Wunderlist of places with potential good food, and because the Sugar app pointed out this place 😛

A simple little cafe, with baby breaths and forget-me-nots decorating every table, lifting our moods up 🙂

We had a Flat White ($4), and a Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream ($6.80 + $0.50 for premium scoop). Iced water is freely available.

The ice cream was smooth and delicious! The waffle was more disappointing, as it was neither crispy nor fluffy, with some bits slightly under-cooked. Also, they had forgotten our request for the maple syrup to be by the side 😦 The coffee was alright.

As we chilled here for the next hour or so, we saw quite a few customers coming by for ice cream, so looks like ice cream is the main draw here. Gotta try the orh nee ice cream next time!


  • Location: 226A Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-627 S(561226)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Thu), 11am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sat), 10:30am – 10pm (Sun)
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Half day trip to Railway Market and Floating Market @Bangkok

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Today would be our activity day!

We had breakfast with bread bought from the 7-11 store just beside the hotel when we came back last night after a long day of shopping and walking around Chinatown.

We had 8 adults and 3 children, so we managed to pre-book a half day tour in advance, and the driver-cum-tour-guide came to our hotel to pick us up in a very comfortable van.

The first stop was the Mae Klong Railway Market, and we had close to 45 minutes to wonder around the market before the scheduled train arrival.

Most tourists were at the stalls lined along the railway tracks, but there were actually many more stalls behind them, much like our local wet market.

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Criollo Cocoa Cafe @Orchard Gateway

Clean lines

Clean lines

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Hubby loitered around this area while waiting for me to knock off, and chanced upon this cafe! So he found a quiet little corner and spent almost 2 hours here, enjoying his cup of Earl Grey ($4.50), while people-watching… Nice place to chill! The seats are quite spread out so there is plenty of privacy for conversations 🙂

Since he already had such a comfortable lounging chair, we decided to stay here for dinner as well.

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[closed] November 8 Café & Company @Thomson V Two

Note: November 8 Cafe has ceased operations at this location, and opened another one by the name of Five by Five at Thomson V One.

It was a very hot afternoon and we just had an early lunch. Needed a place to chill, and we decided to head to Thomson V, where we recalled that there were a couple of new cafés that we had yet to try.

A small signboard caught our attention, leading us to a rather spacious November 8 Café & Company! The lovely 2-seater sofa with water flowing down the glass window was beckoning to us 🙂

Despite being half-empty, there weren’t enough menus to go around. But we were quickly served with water while waiting. With the atmosphere being so chillax and it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we didn’t mind the wait 🙂

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Bhutan Day 1 – Paro to Thimphu

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 1, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Happy couple landing in Paro

Happy couple landing in Paro

It was a very early morning for us! Managed to squeeze in a 4-hour nap before leaving house at 3:45am Singapore time to attempt to catch a cab to Changi Terminal 1. We were quite lucky to spot 2 empty cabs almost immediately! Managed to check in by 4:15… By then, there were already many people who had requested for seats on the left side of the plane (so that we can see the Himalayan mountain ranges from the plane)! Looks like everyone got the same advice from their tour agencies, or maybe we are all using the same agency, DrukAsia, the only Bhutanese agency that has a branch in Singapore currently 🙂 We had initially tried to get an upgrade to business class, unfortunately there was only 1 seat available. However, the staff was very kind to offer us an alternative – the economy seats with extra leg space (1 row behind business class) on the left side of the plane, and hubby got me the window seat!!! Woohoo!! I haven’t had a window seat for the last 4.5 years :p Thank you hubby!!!

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