Little Pancakes @Upper Thomson

Keep Calm and Eat Pancakes

Keep Calm and Eat Pancakes

We have been here for a couple of times already but didn’t blog about it. Since I am running out of ideas to eat alone in Upper Thomson (wifey is in London for a work trip), I thought of re-visiting! And also because I was somehow craving for pancakes. 🙂

The place is very simple and it serves just pancakes. There are a couple of savoury pancakes and a whole list of sweet ones.

The unique thing about the pancakes here is that they come in small, mini-sized ones instead of the usual big ones (hence the name Little Pancakes). This makes it easy to eat, and gives the illusion that there are more (in number)!

Big Fan of All Day Breakfast

Big Fan of All Day Breakfast

I usually order the Big Fan of All Day Breakfast ($10.90) which has got pretty much everything, from sausages, potato salad, greens to scramble eggs, and a stack of 10 little pancakes!

The pancakes are soft and fluffy and the savouries provided a balanced taste to the palate. The overall set is quite filling but I must say the price is a little on the steep side. Well, that’s why we don’t (or can’t) patronize too often. Haha…


  • Location: 200 Upper Thomson Road Thomson Imperial Court #01-04 S(574424)
  • Hrs: 1pm – 11pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 11am – 11pm (Sat), 11am – 9pm (Sun)
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