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해운대 Haeundae 海雲台 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2199After visiting the gorgeous 해동용궁사 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 海東龍宮寺, we decided to head to 해운대전통시장 Haeundae Traditional Market 海雲台傳統市場 for lunch. It was a 25-minute cab ride (₩9,800).

We reached before 12 noon, and the area was still quite empty. We checked out the market to see what fresh produce the locals were selling, as well as some shops selling cutesy items (socks!!!).

There were a lot of seafood eateries, and we had originally wanted to try the 곰장어 hagfish/blind eel 盲鰻, but the eateries seemed to be all empty, and we were not sure which one to choose.

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​四季煲仔飯 Four Seasons Pot Rice @Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

2016-12-09 23.54.04四季煲仔飯 Four Seasons Pot Rice was highly recommended by my cousin, and it was very near 美都餐室 Mido Cafe.

After a relaxing afternoon tea, we strolled to 四季煲仔飯 and discovered that a queue had already started forming just after 6pm. The queue moved quite quickly though, and we got our seats around 20 minutes later.

We got ourselves a 臘腸滑雞飯 Chinese Sausage and Chicken Claypot Rice (HK$53),鴨蛋蠔餅 Duck Egg Oyster Cake (HK$20 for 2 pieces), and 通菜 Kangkong with Fermented Beancurd (HK$40). Food arrived quite quickly too!

The 鴨蛋蠔餅 Duck Egg Oyster Cake had the aromatic duck egg flavour and there was a generous amount of oysters. The batter was quite light and crispy. Overall, it was not too oily, and we really enjoyed it!

The rice in the 臘腸滑雞飯 Claypot Rice was really fragrant and soft! Really quite awesome, but the charred bits would stick and were not as crispy as the one we had at 坤記 the previous night. The Chinese sausage was yummy too! The chicken was very tender. We really liked the claypot rice here!

The vegetables was a good way to balance out the meal, and as usual, fresh and delicious 🙂


  • Location: 油麻地鴉打街46-58號 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Tsuen Wan Line Yau Ma Tei Station 荃灣綫油麻地站 (Take Exit C and walk 2 mins)
  • Hrs: 6pm – 1am
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​Verdure Cafe @Springleaf

2016-11-20-10-16-05It was Sunday and we felt like having brunch closer to nature. Decided to check out Verdure which is next to Springleaf Park 🙂

There were plenty of outdoor seatings (pets allowed), but we opted for the smaller indoor space because it was so hot today!

At just before 10am, with only 2 other customers, we were disappointed to know that 2 of the 3 chef’s recommendations for weekend brunch was not available.

We decided to just share a Big Breakfast ($16.90 nett). For drinks, we ordered Latte ($4.90) and a hot Honey Apple Cider Vinegar ($4.90).

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​Hopetoun Tea Rooms @Collins Street, Melbourne

2016-08-11-09-00-31So we past by The Block Arcade during our walking tour on our first day in Melbourne and the beautiful display of cakes and tarts, as well as the classic decor of an English tea room at Hopetoun Tea Rooms wowed us (not to mention the snaking queue outside the cafe)!

So we made a secret pact to come back here for it’s popular 3-tier High Tea (everyday from 10am-2:30pm). But when we found out that the High Tea was fully booked months ago (and also the prohibitive price of A$50 per person), we decided we would just come back for breakfast since we stayed very near.

And so here we are today, early in the morning at 9am, the 3rd customers of the day at the tea room! 🙂

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台北夜市 2015 Taipei Night Market Part 2

So after our walk at 永康街 Yongkang Street, we decided that we shall conquer a couple of night markets along the 中和新蘆線 Zhonghe Xinglu Line (Line 4) since last night we did the same along the 板南線 Bannan Line (Line 5).

There were a couple of night markets located conveniently along the line, notably 輔大花園觀光夜市 Fuda Flower Night Market located right next to 輔仁大學 Fu Jen University, and 三和夜市 Sanhe Night Market located near to 捷運台北橋站 MRT Taipei Bridge Station.

We had initially planned to come here the day before (Thursday), but realized (only in the afternoon) that 輔大夜市 Fuda Night Market closes on Mondays and Thursdays! To think we had thought that all night markets in Taipei open daily, haha.
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Ho Chi Minh City 2015 Day 2

[Here is the photostream of Ho Chi Minh City 2015, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Simple breakfast

Simple breakfast

Tickets to War Remnants Museum

Tickets to War Remnants Museum

After a very sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to the War Remnants Museum and spent the remaining morning there.

This is a museum on the Vietnam War, and it is a rather emotional exhibition to us, and it serves to remind us of the cruelty of war and the selfishness of people.

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Tea Bone Zen Mind @Emerald Hill

Beautiful place!

Beautiful place!

Ms J promised to take us to this secret tea place for a 3-course tea sampling course ($45 nett per pax) and we had been so looking forward to it! We were surprised to be able to find such a peaceful sanctuary right smack in the middle of town 🙂

It was a 5 to 10 minute walk from Somerset MRT, and luckily, J had sent us a picture of the door without signage so that we knew exactly where to look for!

After pressing the bell (actually, we should have pressed the button of the intercom instead), we were welcomed to the lovely tea place!

It was huge with 3 floors and mezzanine floors, with private rooms and common rooms. After removing our shoes, we walked in and were greeted huge goldfishes swimming in the indoor pond!

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Arbite @Serangoon Gardens

White Ginger Lily Tea

White Ginger Lily Tea

It was a brunch meet up with my girlfriends, while hubby went for his latte fix elsewhere. It was my second time here!

Today, we shared an Arbite Breakfast ($17) and Apple Strudel Pancakes ($14), and I decided on a White Ginger Lily Tea ($6). For desserts, it was Gula Meleka Tiramisu ($8) and My Wife’s Chocolate Cake ($8).

The little one had some strawberry pancakes and  milkshake, but she was really more engrossed with the bottles of lego pieces available in the cafe 😀

Woo, the scrambled eggs and spicy sausage of the breakfast set really stood out! The pancakes were also fluffy and delicious, and we were 3 happy women. We could not quite taste the gula meleka in the tiramisu, but I preferred the light and fluffy tiramisu to the very chocolatey cake.

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The Regency Café @Regency Street

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Another day, another breakfast decision. We Googled for a nearby breakfast place and The Regency Café (opened since 1946) seemed like a good option for some classic, traditional full English breakfast! It was voted as the fifth best restaurant in London by users of the website Yelp in 2013, and was included in the list of the top five less expensive places to eat in the UK.

But we have read many reviews about poor service, so we were also prepared to go elsewhere if things didn’t work out. Getting shouted at early in the morning is not the best way to start the day! (Apparently, the procedure of the day is to order your food at the counter first before you find a seat, or you will be shouted at!)

It was an easy 10-15min walk from our hotel and we managed to arrive close to 9am, and it was almost full, with only a couple of empty tables.

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The Breakfast Club @Soho

Bright yellow exterior

Bright yellow exterior

Hubby woke up bright and early today! Because we were going out for a proper breakfast! The wifey was still hiding under the bed covers when he was ready… Haha! What to do? It was very cold this morning!

Anyway, we made it out of our hotel and managed to arrive at The Breakfast Club (Soho branch) before 9.30am. It was almost full because it opens from 8am, but there was still one 2-seater available, yay!

The Breakfast Club Cafe has 7 branches spread all over London and there is always long queues in all its cafes. It is popular for its brunch menu which is served until 5pm. Hubby got the recommendation of this place from his graduate student who became a stewardess, and hence had numerous opportunities to visit cities all over the world and visit nice eateries, like this one!

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