[closed] Hang Out Cafe @AMK

Note: Hang Out Cafe has ceased operations at this location, and relocated to NAFA.

Bombastic Egg

Bombastic Egg

You may have heard that the Burpz Cafe that used to be near our house has changed management and renamed themselves to Hang Out Cafe. They have been quite on the ball and changing/adding menu items regularly. So on this quiet night when I do not know where or what to have dinner, I just strolled myself to here and decided to park here and nua…

I saw the board displaying the Savoury Waffle and wanted to try but it was only available at breakfast and tea time. However the owner was quite flexible and said that the kitchen would be able to prepare for me, if I wanted to try it. So I ordered that (not knowing exactly what is the savoury part) and ordered the Bombastic Egg ($8) as well.

Savoury Waffle

Savoury Waffle


The Bombastic Egg is the Bacon and Toast Cup Egg that we have made before, but looks more refined. 🙂 The egg was still slightly gooey and added to the joy of eating. But there were two of it in one order so when I was done, I was quite full already.

Next came the waffles, with scramble eggs and 2 strips of bacon on top! Exactly the same ingredients as the Bombastic Egg! Haha… The waffle was ok but not fantastic and the scramble egg was a little too soft, edging on the under-cook side.

Next time I will learn to read into the ingredients before ordering… Haha…


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