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錦州街 Jinzhou Street @Zhongshan District, Taipei

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

We were staying at 新驛旅店復興北路店 CityInn Hotel Plus Fuxing North Road branch, and just around the corner from the hotel, half-way to the 捷運中山國中站 MRT Zhongshan Junior High School Station, is this awesome food street, and was the recommended go-to street for food!

There is a variety of food options here, ranging from small eateries of braised pork belly rice, noodle stalls. dessert stalls, Japanese restaurants, to Italian restaurants, trendy cafes, and a vegetarian buffet restaurant!

We had popped by for lunch when we shifted from our previous hotel, and brunch on our last day in Taipei. Spoilt for choices, but we had only enough stomach space to try the following places.

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Grill Garden @The Central

Funny how there are so many buffet restaurants here at The Central!

Wanting to have something not too heavy, we chanced upon Grill Garden. It was a small shop without GST and service charge, so the prices look very affordable! Oh, and each main comes with fruit and salad!

We decided to order the Boneless Grilled Chicken Whole Leg with Baguette ($7.70), a Thai style Pork Chop ($10.80), and Bacon Asparagus ($3.90) to share. Water is chargeable at $0.30 but refillable.

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Regroup x Scoop Therapy @Kim Keat

Beautiful latte art

Beautiful latte art

We were in the area again and wondering what’s new for dinner. And as usual, I noticed some gorgeous waffles photos on Instagram, and checked that a new cafe has just opened along Kim Keat Road, near to Balestier-Whampoa area. This is just at the end of the road from Wheeler’s Yard!

Nestled within Hanson Court (a block of revamped studio apartments), Regroup x Scoop Therapy is a duel Cafe & Ice Cream Bar concept, which is also the 3rd branch from the very popular Group Therapy Coffee. The entire cafe is behind a glass wall and the glassed space welcomes much natural sunlight and the whimsical décor within complements the colourfulness of their homemade ice cream. There are a couple of alfresco seats but I seriously doubt anyone would want to sit so near the road.

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[closed] Hang Out Cafe @AMK

Note: Hang Out Cafe has ceased operations at this location, and relocated to NAFA.

Bombastic Egg

Bombastic Egg

You may have heard that the Burpz Cafe that used to be near our house has changed management and renamed themselves to Hang Out Cafe. They have been quite on the ball and changing/adding menu items regularly. So on this quiet night when I do not know where or what to have dinner, I just strolled myself to here and decided to park here and nua…

I saw the board displaying the Savoury Waffle and wanted to try but it was only available at breakfast and tea time. However the owner was quite flexible and said that the kitchen would be able to prepare for me, if I wanted to try it. So I ordered that (not knowing exactly what is the savoury part) and ordered the Bombastic Egg ($8) as well.

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Koh Grill & Sushi Bar @Wisma Atria

Long queue even for paying!

Long queue even for paying!

Today I flew out of office on the dot in an attempt to get seats at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.

We had wanted to try out this place so much for a while already, as our students kept posting very yummy photos in Instagram, but the queue was always so horrendously long… The eatery is within the food court on the upper floors of Wisma Atria and is always hustling and bustling, also because there is a teppanyaki eatery just neighbour to it.

When I reached at 6.20pm today, luckily there was no queue and I was able to get seats immediately 🙂 Very excited! Especially when the queue started growing 10 minutes later…

From the menu, the selection of sushi seemed very exotic! We had a hard time figuring out which ones to try…

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Bacon and Toast Cup Egg

So it’s the super long weekend with 2 public holidays, Hari Raya Puasa and National Day on Thursday and Friday followed by the weekends! We had intended to go somewhere to chill but we were too late to book anything plus it’s super expensive. What’s the next best thing to do? Have a BBQ party of course!

Presenting Bacon and Toast Cup Egg

Presenting Bacon and Toast Cup Egg!

I invited our SSEAYP friends over on Thursday and we had a ‘BBQ with a Twist’ party. One of the ‘twist’ to the party was this Bacon and Toast Cup Egg that I have seen on TV and friends’ parties that we thought we should give it a try. It turned out yummy-licious as you can see from the picture on the right!

Let me give you the break-down of the steps with detail pictures.

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