Regroup x Scoop Therapy @Kim Keat

Beautiful latte art

Beautiful latte art

We were in the area again and wondering what’s new for dinner. And as usual, I noticed some gorgeous waffles photos on Instagram, and checked that a new cafe has just opened along Kim Keat Road, near to Balestier-Whampoa area. This is just at the end of the road from Wheeler’s Yard!

Nestled within Hanson Court (a block of revamped studio apartments), Regroup x Scoop Therapy is a duel Cafe & Ice Cream Bar concept, which is also the 3rd branch from the very popular Group Therapy Coffee. The entire cafe is behind a glass wall and the glassed space welcomes much natural sunlight and the whimsical décor within complements the colourfulness of their homemade ice cream. There are a couple of alfresco seats but I seriously doubt anyone would want to sit so near the road.

The menu is quite simple with the usual All-Day Breakfast items, Pasta items, Sandwich items and Mains, and a whole ice-cream fridge full of exotic flavours! We were not too much into ice-creams tonight so we ordered only Pulled Pork Pumpkin Pancake (S$17), Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio (S$13), and my usual Flat White (S$5).

Pulled Pork Pumpkin Pancake

Pulled Pork Pumpkin Pancake

The pumpkin pancake was a fresh change from the usual buttermilk pancake but it looked chaotah (charred) even though it actually wasn’t. Might be because of the pumpkin (I am just making this up because I really have no idea!). It comes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top of a generous serving of slow-cooked pulled pork (you can order it with smoked salmon instead). The combination of flavours in this dish was interesting, with the gooey egg, the flavourful slow-roast pork within the soft and fluffy pancake that oozed with a tinge of sweetness from the pumpkin. I thoroughly enjoyed this new creation!

Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio

Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio

Wifey had the aglio olio and it was also quite tasty, with a very generous dose of bacons and mushrooms, and the all-encompassing herbs!

This cafe and ice-cream bar is a great addition to the Balestier neighbourhood, and the cozy environment encourages patrons to linger for a while longer, sipping a smooth flat white and just watching through the glass wall the people (and the night) strolling by…


  • Location: 12 Kim Keat Road #01-01 S(328841)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 9pm (Tue-Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun) (Kitchen closed at 8:30pm)
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