Hoshino Coffee @Plaza Singapura

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice

It seems like Plaza Singapura is gettung quite deserted during weekdays evening!

Close to 8pm and there were hardly any queue at any of the restaurants and cafe on a Tuesday evening. We decided to try Hoshino Coffee, as it was previously always super crowded.

Despite not being full house, it was very difficult to get the attention of the staff. They might have preassigned duties for the evening, as one of the waiters spotted us, gave us a glare and continued with refilling of his water. Sheesh! Finally, another waitress came along to bring us to one of the empty tables.

Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé

Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé

We decided on Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé ($15.80++) and Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice ($15++), and again, it was super difficult to get the attention of the staff. We tried pressing the bell for service twice, waved at a few different waiters/waitresses to no avail, and finally had to verbalize our request to order food, only to have that very same waiter ignoring us! Couldn’t he just tell us to wait and his colleague would assist??

Finally, the waitress in charge of our table came to take our orders, and we were told that the soufflé would take about 40 minutes… Oh well…

Thankfully, the curry rice arrived 10mins upon our order, so at least we could have something to eat. The soufflé turned up 5 minutes later, so it wasn’t that bad a wait after all 🙂

The curry rice was excellent! There was something very addictive with the combination of the not-too-spicy curry, melted cheese, runny egg yolk, minced and shredded meat (the waitress informed us that both pork and beef were used in this dish), went very well with the rice. The hot, gooey, messy goodness made us very happy 🙂

The soufflé gave out a very nice eggy fragrance, and it did not disappoint! Hot and fluffy, it was not overly sweet and went very well with the intense tomato flavours of the rice.

We totally enjoyed our hot meal! If only the service was warmer, we would have a wonderful complete dining experience…


  • Location: 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura #03-84 S(238839)
  • Websitewww.hoshinocoffee.com (in Japanese)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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