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Japan Rail Cafe @Tanjong Pagar

We visited the Japan Rail Cafe in December 2016, and had return a few more times ever since!

This place aims to be a one-stop station, where customers can enjoy not only food and drinks (with monthly specials focusing on selected regions in Japan), but also do some quick shopping at the small retail section, as well as obtain travel information and purchase Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) at the Rail Pass Counter.

It was particularly interesting to revisit, because of the monthly changes (Dec 2016 was on the Tohoku region), and we also enjoyed reading about the various Japan regions in the newsletter, that also served as a menu.

Free WiFi was also available, so we could do some quick browsing on the spot whenever we found something of interest, and wanted to find out more.

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Bincho @Hua Bee


We caught up with JY at Bincho today!

We got lost trying to figure out how to reach this place because the shop front was actually Hua Bee Restaurant, a mee pok stall (This coffee shop was the set for Eric Khoo’s 1995 movie, Mee Pok Man.), heh *confused*

We actually passed by this place when we went for Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail but didn’t went in to try.

It was fairly quiet during lunch time on a Saturday, and I decided on the Wagyu Roast Beef Don set, while hubby could not resist ordering Whole Chicken Leg and Cheese Curry Katsu set. Each set comes with appetizers, salad, pickles, karaage, soup and dessert.

How should we describe this?

We liked every single item and wiped everything clean! The meats were cooked to perfection, and there was always something magical about egg yolk mixing with beef slices and rice…. YUMS! There was a choice of mochi or sesame ice cream for dessert, which worked well for me, haha 😛


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黒門市場 Kuromon Market @Osaka

2015-12-10 11.24.20We travelled from 京都 Kyoto to 大阪 Osaka and first thing we did after dropping our luggage with the hotel was to visit 黒門市場 Kuromon Market! This market has more than 190 years of history and tradition, and is often called “Osaka’ s Kitchen” because of the number and variety of food and products that it contains.

The market is a must-go whenever we are in 大阪 Osaka because we simply love the hustle and bustle of a very lively Japanese market. Or for that matter, any market in any vacation that we go!

The friendly shouting of the stall holders amidst the selling, the abundance of food for tasting, and the smell of the freshness of the produce made us instantly perked up, despite a very rainy day in 大阪 Osaka!

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Yura An Café @Central World, Bangkok

Katsu Curry set

Katsu Curry set

Chirashi Don set

Chirashi Don set

We wanted to try something different for dinner, but it was crowded everywhere! Finally, we found a Japanese restaurant that still had available seats, so off we went. We tried the Katsu Curry set, Chirashi Don set (x2) and the Bara Chirashi Don set (x2).

Each set came with miso soup, chawanmushi, salad and pickles. The sashimi slices were quite fresh and the rice was not overly sticky, but somehow, the food did not quite “wow” us.  The curry was of mild spiciness, and the fried pork slices was so-so… Quite a disappointing meal 😦

The total bill for 5 adults came to THB 1783.16, inclusive of 7% VAT and 10% service charge.


  • Location: Central World, 7th Floor, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
  • Nearest BTS: Between Chit Lom and Siam Stations
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Hoshino Coffee @Plaza Singapura

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice

It seems like Plaza Singapura is gettung quite deserted during weekdays evening!

Close to 8pm and there were hardly any queue at any of the restaurants and cafe on a Tuesday evening. We decided to try Hoshino Coffee, as it was previously always super crowded.

Despite not being full house, it was very difficult to get the attention of the staff. They might have preassigned duties for the evening, as one of the waiters spotted us, gave us a glare and continued with refilling of his water. Sheesh! Finally, another waitress came along to bring us to one of the empty tables.

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