Mongkok Dim Sum @East Coast

After a really dissatisfying dinner, we decided to stroll around to make some space for another meal :p

Mongkok Dim Sum caught our attention with steam bellowing out within their glass windows.

Dim sum!! And so we made the decision to cross the road :p

2015-01-30 21.48.19

  • House Special Prawn Dumpling 招牌虾饺 ($3.50, excluding GST): The skin was really thin and it had a good texture, not those half-torn kind. The prawns were really fresh, and this item really perked us up!
  • Mongkok’s Pork Dumpling 旺角烧卖 ($3.50): Another winner, not too fatty, and it was not those super meat paste kind.
  • Spinach Dumpling 健康菠菜饺 ($3.50): The skin was green with spinach infused in it, and actual spinach wrapping around the prawn and meat. A lovely combination that did not feel too meaty.
  • Steamed Rice Roll with Chicken 蟹柳鸡丝肠粉($3.50): The skin was steamed just right, so though it was a bit thick for some of the rolls, there was still this 粉粉的感觉, and it did not taste gelat. The chicken slices were quite thin and reminded hubby of steamed rice roll with liver…
  • Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Veg 梅菜扣肉 ($7): Another excellent item, the preserved veg was very delicious without being overly salty, and it was without any sandy feel. Totally loved it! The pork belly pieces were a bit of a hit-and-miss, with some very tender slices and some parts rather tough.

Overall, a much, much better meal that the one we had earlier! Drinking some pu-er ($1.20 per pax) was a good way to end the meal, and we left the place two happy souls 🙂


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