Song Fa Buk Kut Teh @Seletar Mall

Our breakfast spread!

Our breakfast spread!

We had passed by Song Fa Buk Kut Teh in Chinatown Point and were very impressed with the queue! Today, as part of our attempt to stay healthy, we decided to walk to Seletar Mall, where another branch of this very popular bak kut teh chain was located. After a bit of hipcup (such as having shoes disintegrating halfway), we finally arrived at Seletar Mall 🙂

We were too early, so we went to the nearby Ya Kun for some drinks and cheesy French toast. Gotta say that while the coffee and tea were good, the wait for the toast was really long and the actual French toast was more salty than cheesy.

Anyway, at 10.29am, we were back to Song Fa and were amazed a short queue had already formed 😮

It was a short wait before the place was ready for its first customers. All patrons had to be here before entry was allowed. They made use of tablets to enter number of people per group, and took our orders while we were in the queue. We ordered a Premium Loin Ribs ($9.50 nett), Braised Trotters and Small Intestines ($8), Braised Beancurd Skin with Chicken Feet ($4), Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce ($4) and a plain rice ($0.80) to share. Wet tissue is $0.20 each. Other than the combined items, we could have ordered them individually as well, but we figured it might be way too much food… See? We do self-restrain, haha! :p

Our most favourite item was actually the pig’s trotter! The skin was cleaned very well, without any trace of hair, and the skin with fats were so soft that they were melting in our mouths! Totally worth the cholesterol :p The meat was not overly soft, so that was pretty good. Unfortunately, the intestines were hard at first bite and had a kinda soggy texture, so we did not really enjoy it. It felt like the intestines were taken out of the fridge not too long ago.

The loin ribs were flavourful! We also enjoyed the peppery soup, and the waiters were also quite prompt in giving the free refills of the soup. With 4 large pieces of ribs, this was quite value-for-money.

The other items were pretty much the usual standard stuff. We didn’t really like the rather dry chicken feet though.

It was a pretty enjoyable meal, but its best to go early when the queues are not crazy, and for couples, more privacy, as the tables were arranged as 4 seaters and are also quite close to each other… At one point, we felt quite squeezed between another 2 couples on both sides.


  • Location: 33 Sengkang West Avenue The Seletar Mall #01-39/40/41 S(797653)
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 9:30pm
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