[shifted] Les Pâtisseries Cafe @Toa Payoh

Note: Les Pâtisseries has ceased operations at Toa Payoh and shifted to Upper Thomson.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

It was dessert time! The Sugar app pointed us to this cafe, and I managed to get a pot of Contessa Grey Gryphon Tea for $1 (usual price $5.50) :p Being a bakery cafe, we decided to try the Torte Au Citron ($6 nett) and a Waffles with Summer Berries ($8.50). As usual, hubby had a hot Cafe Latte ($4.50).

Hubby felt that his latte was smooth and aromatic, with rather tame flavour… He liked that it was not too acidic.

The Contessa Grey was surprisingly light for a black tea, and had a slightly sweet citrus taste. The taste of eucalyptus was stronger than bergamot, but overall it was a lovely blend 🙂

Waffle with Summer Berries

Waffle with Summer Berries

Within the hard crust of the tart, there was a thin layer of citrus cream that had a perfect balance of sweet and sour, and it lay above another layer of sponge cake. The overall taste was lovely!

The waffle was served barely lukewarm, but there was this very interesting smokey-salty after taste of the waffle that made it quite addictive. The berries were too sour though, and tended to overpower the original flavours of the waffle.

Overall a very nice place to chill-out, if only the other table can be a little more considerate and lower their volume… 🙂


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