[closed] Song Yuan Bak Kut Teh 松远 @Goldhill Shopping Centre

Note: Song Yuan BKT has ceased operations at this location.

Thin and few slices

Thin and few slices



We had a craving for bak kut teh and decided to check out this place… Though the lack of crowd was a bit worrying, haha! There was also no prime ribs soup option… So… We had a few questions marks in our mind :p

We ordered a Pork Ribs Soup ($6), Braised Pig’s Intestines ($6), Bean Curd Skin ($3), Kai Lan ($4) and a bowl of Steamed Rice ($1).

The pork ribs soup looked quite sad with 5 tiny ribs floating inside, but the braised pig’s intestines looked even sadder… Haha… The soup was quite salty, and the meat was quite tough… There were even pieces with more bone than meat. The intestines were not cleaned thoroughly as there was a stinky taste to it, and somehow, the insides of the intestines were gone!! 粉肠,粉肠,没粉怎么叫粉肠? Disappointed!!

The kai lan was a bit better, but there was just too much sauce, so it was quite salty. The best dish was actually the bean curd skin… *faintz* Rice was quite a huge portion, we both could not finish it. While the rice was not overly tough, you might want to add some soup or gravy to soften it a bit…

We are not coming back here again 😦


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