Baker’s Well @East Coast Road

Cosy after dinner set

Cosy after dinner set

Since we were rarely in this region, so we thought of searching for a resting place after my disappointing dinner, and hubby was attracted by this little sign board that said “We used Yahava coffee beans here” and suddenly, I found myself in Baker’s Well 😛

Ordered a Flat White with Carrot Cake Set ($9.10, note the set is cake with Americano for $7.50 and top up the difference for upgrading of drink), and a Hot Lemongrass Drink ($3.20).

Oooh! The lemongrass drink was very fragrant! I think they overdid the sugar though, because it reminded me of sugarcane drink 😮 The coffee was aromatic but quite acidic.. A good complement to the cake.

This has gotta be the nicest version of carrot cake that I have ever tried; not overly sweet or moist, and is more dense than other versions. I loved the nutty-ness, and the cake was topped with 4 huge walnuts! Now I just want to try the rest of the cakes…


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