Paradise Inn @Thomson Plaza

Following our rather successful visits to Canto Paradise, we thought that Paradise Inn deserves a second chance 😛

We ordered a Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨肉 (OCBC offer 50% off $6.45++), Pork Belly with Tofu in Claypot 回锅肉豆腐 ($12.90++), Water Goby with Fresh Apple Soup 苹果炖生鱼汤 ($19.90++), Australian Lettuce with Fermented Beancurd 腐乳炒油麦菜 ($9.90++), white rice ($1.20++ per bowl), and warm water ($0.30++).

Our orders were entered at 7.05pm, with the restaurant barely half-full, and we finally saw our soup and vegetables on our table at 7.27pm… Without the rice…

Took another 3 min for the rice to arrive…

The vegetables were pretty standard fare, and the soup was not bad, but perhaps abit too salty, as we were really thirsty towards the end of the meal. The tofu was super soft and tender, but the pork belly was super salty as well. The combination went well with rice. The boneless pork ribs were very tender too!

It took close to 30 minutes from the time we started ordering to the time food landed on our table, when the place was half filled. The food was not bad, but we must remember to come only when we were not too hungry in the first place. Well, at least this time the waiters and waitresses were more polite and apologetic for the lack of food, as compared to our visit many years ago. Paradise Inn, the place for the not-so-hungry people… And definitely not the paradise that we want to be in 😛


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