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Sushiro @Thomson Plaza

img_3785We had walked past here a few times, but never quite managed to eat here; the queue was usually very long!

Today, we had tried to call earlier to make reservations, but alas, the staff must have been too busy to pick up calls. Nonetheless, we thought of just popping by to see the queue situation.

Thankfully, the queue was relatively short (i.e. not beyond the rice dumping shop), and more importantly, we could see that some tables were finishing up. So at 12:15pm, we decided to queue for lunch 🙂

Being a 12-seater restaurant, including 4 counter seats, and 4 tables of 2 pax each, this place is definitely not a place for big groups. If you are willing to squeeze, they have an additional 7 chairs somewhere for the queue, but able to set up tables of 3s and even 4s! Everyone was rather cooperative and willing to shift a little to make space, so we now have a 16-seater restaurant. Of course, there were also some diners who chose to play with their mobile phone after their meal, hence hogging the table and earning lots of dagger stares from the queue. Not like they cared though, haha! The staff were also nice enough not to chase them away. I guess we still have lots to learn from the Hong Kong cha chan tengs.

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Magic Wok Restaurant @Thomson Plaza

2016-03-21 07.15.04While our friends were enjoying themselves in Bangkok, we decided to console ourselves by having some Thai food 😛

We had walked past Magic Wok, a halal-certified restaurant, a few times before, and decided to give it a shot.

  • Sambal Kang Kong ($6.80+GST): Our favourite dish, as it was not overpowering with its fiery sambal.
  • Thai Style Fried Fish ($18.80): This was also not bad, the fried fins were crispy enough to be a crunchy treat. The sweet and spicy sauce was quite balanced too.
  • Pandan Leaf Chicken ($8.80 for 4 pieces): This was a letdown as the chicken pieces were too dry.
  • Thai Style Pineapple Rice ($5.80): There was a distinctive curry flavour to it. The prawn and chicken did not taste very fresh 😦
  • Thai Iced Tea ($2.50): This was pretty standard.

Without service charge, this is one of the more wallet-friendly options in Thomson Plaza.

Note: Plain water is available at 50 cents per cup.


  • Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road Level 1 S(574408)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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Elemen 元素 @Thomson Plaza

We decided to go for a healthier meal today, since we were both sick 😦 We vaguely recalled that there was a new vegetarian restaurant at Thomson Plaza, and made our way down.

As it was the Lunar New Year period, there was a festive set available, and being rather lazy people, we went ahead with the 8-course Abundance Menu 元素丰年套餐 ($88.80++ for 2 pax), which consisted of…
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Paradise Inn @Thomson Plaza

Following our rather successful visits to Canto Paradise, we thought that Paradise Inn deserves a second chance 😛

We ordered a Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨肉 (OCBC offer 50% off $6.45++), Pork Belly with Tofu in Claypot 回锅肉豆腐 ($12.90++), Water Goby with Fresh Apple Soup 苹果炖生鱼汤 ($19.90++), Australian Lettuce with Fermented Beancurd 腐乳炒油麦菜 ($9.90++), white rice ($1.20++ per bowl), and warm water ($0.30++).

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The Good Trio 三人行 @Thomson Plaza

This is a new restaurant that just took over the Korean BBQ Chicken and opened recently. Since we don’t know how long it will last, it is best to pay a visit fast! 😛 In fact, we came here twice in the past 2 weeks, you know, just in case

The first time, we reached the restaurant close to 9pm, and when we asked what time the place was closing, the staff gave a very vague reply “… Depending on customers…” Huh? Too new to decide formal closing time? Anyway, slightly re-assured that we did not have to gobble our dinner in a hurry, we grabbed a book of coupons that was placed near the entrance, and headed in!

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