Black Sheep Cafe @Thomson V Two

This is our second visit here, and we were absolutely wow-ed by the food tonight!

We had initially wanted to go to another cafe within the same building, as the food was sold out the last time we went (after 9pm). Little did we know that no food was available at 8pm (despite the menu saying last order at 9pm). So disappointed. Guess we were not fated to go to that cafe.

Which was a good thing today, because we had a really fabulous dinner 🙂

Hubby wanted the Lamb Shank slow braised with Apricot and mint on Mashed Potato ($29 nett), while Cheeky Pork on Sauteed greens & pear, Orange Chilli Glaze ($28.50) caught my eye.

We started off with complimentary bread served with butter, and underneath the crispy crust was this really soft bread. We also appreciated that the butter was not the hard and frozen kind, so it was really easy to slice off.

It was quite a wait for our mains, but the food was worth the wait 😀 Hubby was in love with his lamb shank; the meat came off easily from the bones, and was so tender! Eaten on its own, it was a bit too gamey for me, but just nice when complemented with the sauce. The cheeky pork was truly the highlight of the meal, from the very minute that I cut through the meat. The skin was so crispy, and the meat was super tender! There were bits of fats which literally melted in our mouths!

The waiter approached us halfway through our meal to asked if we wanted desserts, because it would take a while to prepare. Since we were so delighted with our mains, we decided to have desserts here too, and ordered a Homemade Tiramisu with Espresso tuilles ($9.50) to share.

The tiramisu was different from the super alcoholic ones which we had tried recently. Instead, there were layers of flavours coming through, with lots of ingredients; intense espresso, light mascarpone cheese, slightly tart berries and a warm pastry. A very lovely combination of flavours!

We left the cafe a very happy couple 🙂

Note that there is no GST or service charge, and water is available for free.


  • Location: 11 Sin Ming Road Thomson V Two #B1-30 S(575629)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm (Tue-Thu), 11:30am – 11pm (Fri-Sun)
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