The Carvery @Park Hotel Alexandra

2015-11-16 21.24.22I was around the area these few days and hubby decided to travel all the way here to have dinner together 🙂

Park Hotel Alexandra has just opened recently beside IKEA Alexandra (one of the few up and coming hotels located away from the crowded downtown area). He thought that The Carvery looked pretty good, so he booked a table for two and that was where we were headed!

Located on the 7th floor of the hotel, where the pool was, we enjoyed quite a lovely view of the area. It felt very relaxing to be here! The restaurant was spacious and since it was a weekday, there were not many customers around so we felt like we had the entire restaurant to ourselves!

We started with the salad stop, where there was quite a nice spread of salad, plus oysters, mussels and prawns on a bed of ice. The seafood was very fresh.

Next, we attacked the main area, where the roasted chicken, roasted beef, and pork knuckle, were waiting for us, along with the entire array of condiments, including anchovy butter, truffle butter, 4 kinds of salt, and all these many bottles of mustard… And sauces to go with the meat!

Our unanimous favourite was the chicken, especially when we had one fresh out of the oven for our second helpings. Even the breast meat was so moist and flavourful! I thought by that abit of the rose salt actually intensified the flavours 🙂

Oh, and you absolutely have to try the Yorkshire pudding if you come here, because it was just so fragrant and delicious… We had 3 of it 😀 The one freshly baked was still steaming away when we ate it… So heavenly!!

There was anothet stretch of food one side of the restaurant, and all were pretty decent, except for the lamb lasagne that I found way too gamey.

The wood fire pizza here was excellent, and we loved the slightly chewy but thin crust. We also tried a mini portion of sphagetti aglio olio, and it was filled with aromatic garlic goodness… The chef was rather amused when I stopped him from cooking more pasta though; it was probably the smallest portion of pasta that he has ever cooked here so far : P

Desserts wise, we really enjoyed the refreshing light English Trifle that was slightly tart and sweet.. A very good balance! The crust of the apple crumble was excellent with the perfect crunch, but we found the fillings to be too sweet. We also tried the Harry’s favourite, but found the chocolate too intense for our liking.

Service was pretty good and prompt, and the staff were always pleasant and helpful, making our dinner an even more emjoyable one.

After dinner, we went back to the pool side to take in more of the lovely view and atmosphere, and contemplating if we should do a staycation here, haha!


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