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Bincho @Hua Bee


We caught up with JY at Bincho today!

We got lost trying to figure out how to reach this place because the shop front was actually Hua Bee Restaurant, a mee pok stall (This coffee shop was the set for Eric Khoo’s 1995 movie, Mee Pok Man.), heh *confused*

We actually passed by this place when we went for Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail but didn’t went in to try.

It was fairly quiet during lunch time on a Saturday, and I decided on the Wagyu Roast Beef Don set, while hubby could not resist ordering Whole Chicken Leg and Cheese Curry Katsu set. Each set comes with appetizers, salad, pickles, karaage, soup and dessert.

How should we describe this?

We liked every single item and wiped everything clean! The meats were cooked to perfection, and there was always something magical about egg yolk mixing with beef slices and rice…. YUMS! There was a choice of mochi or sesame ice cream for dessert, which worked well for me, haha 😛


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The Carvery @Park Hotel Alexandra

2015-11-16 21.24.22I was around the area these few days and hubby decided to travel all the way here to have dinner together 🙂

Park Hotel Alexandra has just opened recently beside IKEA Alexandra (one of the few up and coming hotels located away from the crowded downtown area). He thought that The Carvery looked pretty good, so he booked a table for two and that was where we were headed!

Located on the 7th floor of the hotel, where the pool was, we enjoyed quite a lovely view of the area. It felt very relaxing to be here! The restaurant was spacious and since it was a weekday, there were not many customers around so we felt like we had the entire restaurant to ourselves!

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