Pancake Cafe ELK KYOTO @Kawaramachi

We had chanced upon this pancake cafe because of the huge advertisement on its 3D latte art, and we decided that this would be a good resting point after our walk in the nearby Nishiki market.

We were really too full to try any pancakes, so we had カプチーノ Cappuccino, カフェオレCafé Au Lait, and チョコレートミルク Hot Chocolate Milk. Each of the drinks cost ¥680+ (including 3D latte art).

The drinks were just alright, but the latte art were so pretty that we were really careful in sipping our drinks, haha! The staff were also very friendly and helpful, and I managed to request for a less-sweet version of hot chocolate through our very broken Japanese.

We had the sofa seats on the first floor, and chilled for a good hour or so 🙂


  • Location: 595-5 Uraderacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan 京都府中京区裏寺町595-5
  • Nearest Station: Gion Shijo Station 祇園四条駅
  • Direction: A short 5 minutes walk from the station.
  • Hrs: 9am – 10pm
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