Collective Brewers @Changi Road

2015-12-20 12.44.33We were nearby to visit a very popular TCM clinic, and needed to rest for a while, and trusty FourSquare suggested here.

So we walked and walked, and when we were about to reach, hubby said “That looked like G, who just went into the cafe.” I was just saying “nah”, and slided open the door to find G right in front of us… And what was even more coincidental, he was with my Secondary school classmate! Small world, huh?

We got ourselves an Iced White ($6), Scotch Tea ($6), and Apple Crumble Cake ($6.50), and settled in with a quick catch-up… And getting introduced to all kinds of good food in the East.

Overall, drinks here were not bad, and the apple crumble cake was surprisingly light. It was quite a lovely place to nua, especially when we had the sofa seats by a corner 🙂

Also… I might have given the staff a scare when I looked so in pain trying to get up.. To the staff who rushed to open the door for me, a big thank you! Really appreciate it 🙂


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