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Steeple’s Deli @Tanglin Shopling Centre

We felt like we stepped back in time upon entering this place 😮

Very nostalgic decorations, oldies playing, plus the dim yellow lighting, time seemed to have come to a standstill at this founded in 1981 cafe. Service charge and GST did not exist here too! Oh, and only cash accepted, just like the good old days.

We had to order and pay first, before picking any bar counter seat of our fancy. Things were done nice and slow, and our items came one by one, with the staff just passing the item over the counter to us when ready, with a smile. We could also watch them prepare our food and drinks since it was really an open concept; there are no glass windows separating the customers and the stove. One could also browse the available magazines while having a drink. Here were what we tried:

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Collective Brewers @Changi Road

2015-12-20 12.44.33We were nearby to visit a very popular TCM clinic, and needed to rest for a while, and trusty FourSquare suggested here.

So we walked and walked, and when we were about to reach, hubby said “That looked like G, who just went into the cafe.” I was just saying “nah”, and slided open the door to find G right in front of us… And what was even more coincidental, he was with my Secondary school classmate! Small world, huh?

We got ourselves an Iced White ($6), Scotch Tea ($6), and Apple Crumble Cake ($6.50), and settled in with a quick catch-up… And getting introduced to all kinds of good food in the East.

Overall, drinks here were not bad, and the apple crumble cake was surprisingly light. It was quite a lovely place to nua, especially when we had the sofa seats by a corner 🙂

Also… I might have given the staff a scare when I looked so in pain trying to get up.. To the staff who rushed to open the door for me, a big thank you! Really appreciate it 🙂


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