Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @Goldhill Centre

We walked past this cafe when we were heading our way to a nice Korean restaurant in Goldhill Centre, and took noticed because this used to be a not-nice BKT restaurant (and we were glad it closed). Little did we realized that day was actually the first day it opened this 3rd outlet (the other 2 were in Siglap V and Eastwood)!

So we made a note to come by to try it out. Which we did on a nice Wednesday (maybe it’s Tuesday, but that’s not the point) evening, only to realize its kitchen closes early on weekdays at 8pm.

We finally made it here on Friday before its kitchen closed, but alas, we were still too late because they had ran out of waffles 😦

Oh well, to make up for the loss, we decided to have an additional slice of cake :p But, first thing first:

  • Gentlemen’s Platter ($19.90 nett): This was our favourite for this evening! After having eaten so many brunches at so many places, we found the back bacon here to be the most addictive; the fats of all 3 slices were grilled till so crispy! It would have been perfect if the bacon was less salty. The pork bratwurst and iberico sausage were flavourful and in hearty portions; the buttered thick toast was very soft and chewy, and was a perfect complement to the meats.
  • Craftsmen Supreme ($19.90): Also served with the addictive back bacon, this was a slight letdown with the non-runny scrambled eggs, and the toasted buttered toast was a bit too tough. Give us the buttered thick toast please! 😛
  • 7 Spice Chai Latte ($6.90): Not too sure what is the difference from the normal Chai Latte ($5), but I certainly liked this version, since I could definitely taste the spice!
  • Latte ($5): Pretty standard.
  • Earl Grey Cheesecake ($8.90): While we could taste the distinctive fragrant earl grey, we found the texture of the cake to be a little strange, somewhere between the dense New York cheesecake and light Japanese cheesecake; almost like a mashed tofu.
  • Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($8.90): The staff also recommended this cake was the other less sweet cake, but it was actually quite sweet. It was a very lovely combination of pandan, kaya and coconut shreds, and absolutely delicious first few bites. Too sweet for us to finish though.

We read that this place also sells salted egg croissants, so I guess that is yet another reason (besides the Grilled Streaky Bacon Waffle!) for us to return!

Note: Water is freely available, and there is free WiFi too.


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