Street Art in George Town, Penang

2016-04-17 10.22.11We had agreed that we needed to eat eat AND walk walk for this trip, instead of eat eat eat eat 😛 So we did spend half our time checking out the street art in George Town.

Back in 2009, the state government had commissioned 52 steel rod sculptures, to share the rich history behind the street names in George Town. In 2012, the murals came along, and by 2016, there were really plenty to see.

Armed with the free map that indicated where the more popular street art were, plus a bit of Googling, we really had plenty of fun exploring the streets!

Here’s a short video on the street murals that we have seen on this trip (which I have also embedded below)!

Our absolute favourite was the Old Indian Woman mural by Julia Volchkova, Lumut Lane. It was amazingly realistic 🙂

We are now inspired to visit Balik Pulau during our next Penang trip!

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