Dutch Baby Cafe @Paragon

2016-07-31 12.50.04Our brunch part 2, we had chanced upon this cafe, and food models of pancakes were calling out to us!

A few touches on the iPad, and we got ourselves a Caesar Bacon Pancake set, with a pot of Sangria Tea (set cost $16.80++, with additional $1++ for premium tea selection).

The Sangria tea was a fruity blend and really whet our appetites! It was also fun to play with the Gravitea pot, as the tea would flow out after we align the tea pot on top of the cup. Though the tea was non-refillable, the pot was sufficient for more than 2 cups of tea.

Made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk on hot cast iron pans straight from the oven, the Dutch Baby pancakes actually originated from Germany. The sweet pancakes and salty bacon balanced each other out, and the texture of the pancake reminded us of egg omelette with crispy edges. It was quite delicious! The generous amount of vegetables was quite refreshing.

Note that Fruit Paradise is the sister brand, so you can also order their fruit tarts here 🙂


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