​Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre @Telok Blangah

We read that there were a lot of good food here, and indeed, there were many stalls with snaking queues on this Sunday noon time. After surveying the place, we decided to try out 2 of the stalls.


Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia 鸿记面食家 #01-05

We opted for a non-spicy Wanton Noodle ($3) and a Wanton Soup ($3). How long was the queue? A whopping 35 minutes, for everyone were buying multiple bowls!

The texture of the noodles was somewhere between springy and soggy, easy to chew but still had a little bite to it. Best of all, there was no alkaline taste. For $3, there was a lot of noodles. The very lightly charred char siew was mostly lean meat, but it was not dry. We could still taste the flavour of the soup, and the wantons had rather salty meat fillings and we could taste water chestnuts in some of them.

Verdict? The wanton noodles were definitely above average, but we are unlikely to queue another 35 minutes for it. Also, you need to be quick and precise when you order. And do not question. The auntie could be quite grumpy at times. There was a lady who wanted to confirm that her noodles were extra spicy; the auntie took back the noodles and warned her not to complain, before proceeding to wallop a huge amount of chili sauce on top of the noodles. Wah, talk about power!

Yuan Cheng Carrot Cake 源成菜头粿 #01-33

We decided to do a 2-prong queuing and hubby went to queue at this rather popular carrot cake stall while I continued with the wanton noodles queue. For $2.50, we had a very decent plate of White Carrot Cake and could taste the “wok-hei”, despite some parts being too burnt. It appeared that it is possible to order a half-and-half, a combination of black and white carrot cake.


  • Location: 79 Telok Blangah Drive S(100079)
  • Hrs: 8am – 7pm
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