Prodigal Roasters @AMK

2016-09-11-09-18-00It was time to check out this new little cafe!

This was our third attempt to come here because we kept missing the opening hours, haha.

This place had a minimalist feel to it; its layout allowed for a table in the front, and 2 high tables at the end of the shop, with some standing space in the middle. More of a takeaway cafe, but we also enjoyed sitting at the high tables, and watch the world go by.

  • The Miso Cheese Tart ($4.50 nett) here was excellent. We never knew miso and cheese could go so well together!
  • The Paprika, Bacon, Mushroom Quiche (P.B.M.Q, $4.50) was served warmed, and it was nice! There was a little heat from the paprika, and the overall texture was quite lovely.
  • The Latte ($4) was more acidic and less milky, but the strength was just nice for hubby.
  • The Hot Chocolate ($4) was rich without being overly sweet or too heavy; I liked it 🙂

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