Word Cafe @Springleaf

2016-11-20 12.31.18We have been reading quite good reviews about Word Cafe, a Muslim-owned cafe, and especially it’s rainbow bagel, so we decided to check it out while strolling from our last makan place.

It was quite easy to miss this place because of the on-going Thomson-East Coast Line MRT Springleaf Station site construction.

The exterior looked like a red container building, and the interior was decorated with wooden boxes, paintings of crates, and the tables had pipes for legs. We liked the industrial vibe here!

After browsing the menu filled with very cute item names, we decided on the following:

  • The Handsome Burg ($20+): One of the most popular item here,  and rainbow happened to be a rather “in” thing at the moment. While a lot of pretty things were just Instagrammable but not really delicious, we were glad that this rainbow bagel burger was pretty decent, and the spicy peanut butter sauce was quite yummy. The thick beef patty was well marinated. We liked the crispy turkey bacon too. Pity about the cold fries served on the side 😦
  • Cow-ch Potato ($24+): Angus beef striploin on top of a bed of potato puree, this was pretty decent.
  • Word Concoction ($7+): I liked that this was served in a “light-bulb” container 😀 The sour plum, lemon slices, lemongrass, and mint leaves added a refreshing twist to the otherwise sweet ice cream soda.
  • Iced Coffee ($6+): Hubby said this was a pretty standard cup of iced coffee 🙂

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