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Word Cafe @Springleaf

2016-11-20 12.31.18We have been reading quite good reviews about Word Cafe, a Muslim-owned cafe, and especially it’s rainbow bagel, so we decided to check it out while strolling from our last makan place.

It was quite easy to miss this place because of the on-going Thomson-East Coast Line MRT Springleaf Station site construction.

The exterior looked like a red container building, and the interior was decorated with wooden boxes, paintings of crates, and the tables had pipes for legs. We liked the industrial vibe here!

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烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji @Shichahai, Beijing

2016-10-23-20-11-21Long ago, hubby had to travel for work, and he came to 烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji for dinner alone. This time, there are 2 of us but eating the same amount of food, haha!

This was one of the most popular 清真 halal establishment and apparently, they started 160 years ago in 1848!

It started with a farmer whose surname was 季 who sold roast beef and mutton along 什刹海 Shichahai as a street hawker back in the days of Qing Dynasty. The meat dishes were so fragrant they attracted many praises from the people in the many big mansions along Shichahai, and began calling him 烤肉季. In those days, when it comes to roast meat in Beijing, people always say 南宛北季, with 北季 referring to 烤肉季 in Shichahai.

Hence, we definitely need to check out this place!

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Magic Wok Restaurant @Thomson Plaza

2016-03-21 07.15.04While our friends were enjoying themselves in Bangkok, we decided to console ourselves by having some Thai food 😛

We had walked past Magic Wok, a halal-certified restaurant, a few times before, and decided to give it a shot.

  • Sambal Kang Kong ($6.80+GST): Our favourite dish, as it was not overpowering with its fiery sambal.
  • Thai Style Fried Fish ($18.80): This was also not bad, the fried fins were crispy enough to be a crunchy treat. The sweet and spicy sauce was quite balanced too.
  • Pandan Leaf Chicken ($8.80 for 4 pieces): This was a letdown as the chicken pieces were too dry.
  • Thai Style Pineapple Rice ($5.80): There was a distinctive curry flavour to it. The prawn and chicken did not taste very fresh 😦
  • Thai Iced Tea ($2.50): This was pretty standard.

Without service charge, this is one of the more wallet-friendly options in Thomson Plaza.

Note: Plain water is available at 50 cents per cup.


  • Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road Level 1 S(574408)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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