Short trip to 愉景灣 Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

2016-12-11 17.57.16We had read about the Discovery Bay Christmas Market, and decided that it was worth our time to travel to Discovery Bay.

With the Discovery Bay Christmas Market on-going, plus the free ferry ride back to Central offer, we figured that we gotta make reservations for dining at D’Deck in Discovery Bay.

Among all the restaurants, Koh Tomyums appeared to be highly recommended. Our hotel helped us made the reservations 😀

Having being side-tracked with snacks and some Pokémon-catching, we ended up reaching Discovery Bay rather late, but managed to browse through most of the shops at the Christmas Market. There was not enough time before sunset to do any of the hiking trails, so we decided to go to the restaurant earlier.

2016-12-11 20.23.09We had lovely outdoor table, which was rather romantic with the sea breeze and night lights, but a bit too dark to capture our food properly 😛 We needed to spend a minimum of HK$120 each to be entitled to the free ferry ride, which was not too much of an issue given the prices:

  • Khor Moo Yang 泰北扒豬頸 (HK$82+10% service charge): The grilled pork neck was well-marinated and grilled to perfection. There was a good bite to it, and it was super addictive! The accompanying dip was spicy and gave a good kick.
  • Gaeng Kiew Wan 椰香咖喱 (HK$92+): This was a mild green curry with a lovely, strong coconut flavour. The chicken pieces were quite tender too.
  • Pak Kanar Pad Pla Kem 咸魚炒芥蘭 (HK$76+): We decided on a non-spicy fried kailan with salted fish, and it was not bad.
  • Khao Guk Kapi 蝦酱炒飯 (HK$95+): The shrimp paste taste was not overpowering, and the omelette and sweet soy pork complemented the fried rice well. The sour mango was very refreshing.

After dinner, we went to exchange for the free ferry ride (which had to be utilised within 90 minutes with our Octopus Card) before going for a stroll and finding a bench to watch the fireworks just in front of D’Deck.

I was not sure if I had misread the fireworks schedule, but it did not go off at the scheduled time 😦 We checked with the customer service, and it appeared that the fireworks timing might vary each day.

With the 90-minute deadline looming, we decided to just enter the DB Pier… and we discovered that we could also view the fireworks display while we were inside the pier, haha!

After we were done watching the fireworks display, we boarded the air-conditioned ferry for a very smooth 25-minute ride back to Central.

Koh Tomyums:

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