Hong Kong 2016 Itinerary

2016-12-13 15.18.26We had initially planned to visit Hong Kong in May for the Cheung Chau Bao Festival, but unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip at the last minute. 😦

Nonetheless, we found time (and excuse) to visit Hong Kong in December 😀

In order to eat more, we had to burn more calories, so this was a trip which we walked a lot in between destinations (Hong Kong Island is filled with steps and slopes, our poor knees!).

We also took tram and ferry rides quite often during this trip, which can be a cheaper alternative than the MTR sometimes.

Our 6 days itinerary were as followed:

Day 0/1 (7 & 8 Dec 2016 Thu):

Day 2 (9 Dec 2016 Fri):

Day 3 (10 Dec 2016 Sat):

Day 4 (11 Dec 2016 Sun):

Day 5 (12 Dec 2016 Mon):

Day 6 (13 Dec 2016 Tue):

Day 7 (14 Dec 2016 Wed):

  • Ordered room service for breakfast in hotel.
  • Checked out of hotel, and strolled to take our flight.

Some thoughts regarding Airport transport options to and fro Butterfly on Waterfront Boutique Hotel:

  • We were out of the airport 1 hour after our plane landed, including clearing immigrations, picking up of luggage, and topping up of Octopus Card.
  • Since we just missed the last A11 at 12:30am, we decided to take the slow version of N11 (at 12:50am, estimated 75 min) instead of the express NA11 (at 1:20am, but 35 min journey), as we thought of napping on the bus. Since we were stopping at the terminal, we did not have to worry much during the ride… Ok, I meant that I had a good nap, while hubby stayed awake 😛 The bus berths were side by side, so you could just check the timings before deciding which bus to take.
  • We arrived at Macao Ferry Terminal just after 2 am. We walked out along Connaught Road West and used the pedestrian crossing instead of the footbridge. Took us around 12 min to reach the hotel with our luggage. Then… It took us a few minutes to figure out how to contact reception to open the door for us to get to level 1. We actually had to press the metal plate that reads “RECEPTION”… It did not look like a button to this bleary-eyed couple 😛
  • Going back to the airport was easier, as the bus stop was under the flyover just outside the hotel. Both A11 and E11 go to the airport, and A11 is actually faster and slightly more expensive (HK$40 vs HK$21). We did not realise that at that point, and simply went up the first bus that arrived, which was the slower E11. It also turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because E11 has a stop nearer to Regal Airport Hotel, which was where we were headed.
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