Half day trip to 旗津 Cijin Island


Today we were hanging out within 高雄Kaohsiung, and we wanted to head out to 旗津 Cijin Island. The 10-minute ferry ride was more like drifting across the waters 😛

Once we got off the ferry, we rented a 4-seater electric bicycle (NT600 for 2 hours) to get around the island. A map was provided and all we had to do was to follow the trail and stop whenever we felt like it.

Though it was a really hot day, we could still feel the pleasant sea breeze. We took our time to stop and enjoy the scenery 🙂

Initially, it was Ms K who did the “driving”, and then halfway through, I got my chance to try, and there was no turning back, LOL! I thought it was so fun! With Ms K guiding me along, it was an easy ride. I even managed to “drive” through a particularly crowded street while trying to find our way back to the bicycle rental shop. Another cheap thrill for a non-driver 😛 Hubby might have almost fainted sitting at the back though 😛

There were quite a few scenic spots along the trail but it was such a hot day!

IMG_7058IMG_7059It was time to eat after the ride! We snacked on a refreshing 春捲冰淇淋 Taiwan Spring Roll with Taro Ice Cream (NT40) along 旗津老街 Cijin Old Street.

Further down the street, there was a few restaurants selling seafood with similar prices. We randomly picked one that looked popular.

Our favourite was the 螺肉 Conch (NT100), which was bursting with sweetness. The 虾 Prawns (NT240) were very fresh too! We ordered 海香菇 (NT100), which literally translated into Sea Mushrooms. However, this appeared to be made from 烏賊皮 (squid skin) that was soaked and then sliced. While it resembled sea cucumber, it tasted quite hard with a little crunch. We were not used to this texture. We also tried a vegetable dish 水莲 White Water Snowflake (NT120). Unfortunately, the taste of ginger was quite overpowering.

I guess we should have just stuck to all seafood 😛

Note: We could use our 悠遊卡 EasyCard for the ferry ride. There was also an on-going promotion at 旗津 Cijin Island, where you could collect stamps for amount spent, and we collected enough to redeem for a one-way ferry ticket.

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