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Maison Ikkoku @Kandahar Street

2016-07-02 21.01.39We were here for some supper, but unfortunately, the kitchen has closed, by the time we reached after 9pm. Nevermind, the drinks and cakes were still available 🙂

  • White Cold Drip ($7 nett): Pretty standard drink.
  • Iced Blueberry Mint Tea ($7): This was refreshing, and enjoyed the sweet and sour combination.
  • Carrot Cake ($8.90): We found this to be quite sweet, but they were very generous with the walnuts!

Cold water was freely available at the counter near the restroom. There were also some magazines available for browsing. It was quite a nice place to chill out, but a pity that we did not manage to try out the food.


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Symmetry Cafe @Jalan Kubor

What we saw from bar counter

What we saw from bar counter

We had initially wanted to go to Artistry, but they had stopped serving coffee, so after a quick hunt for other still-open options, we ended up at Symmetry Cafe.

It looked more like a bar, but at least coffee was still being served 🙂 So hubby had a Cold Brew ($7) while I had a White Tea – Nymph of the Nile ($8).

While waiting for our drinks, we were served with a glass of grapes on crushed ice… Very pretty!

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Cafe Hopping Series: Old Hen Coffee Bar @Rangoon Road



Our next stop was a 20-minute walk away, which was good because at least we got to digest some of the food in our tummies 🙂

We walked along the small lanes, spent some time taking pictures with JY’s Polaroid camera… It was very hard work and I was so afraid of dropping the camera 😮 stressed! But fun! Haha! She took a really nice picture of us 🙂

Hubby was also pretty good at it, and of course, I was the half-past-six one, concentrating very hard on trying to focus without even thinking about the background, argh! I wasted film 😦 but JY was very encouraging lah… Hahaha!

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