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​Workshop Expresso @George Street, Sydney

This was a beautiful morning and we were walking along George Street to The Rocks when we suddenly noticed a queue forming outside The Galeries.

We had a close look and there are a few communal tables inside and they sell a limited amount of sandwiches and pastries. A bit of Googling revealed that they also happened to be a popular coffee joint! I of course could not miss this opportunity of another skinny Latte (A$4) to go!

Opened since 2009, Workshop uses top notch single origin beans and has been the favourites of office workers around the CBD area who can be seen queuing up at all times to get a cup in their hands.

The coffee was fragrant and full of body and really pecked us up while we continued our walk to The Rocks for the The Rocks Friday Foodie Market!


  • Location: 500 George Street, The Galeries, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Townhall Station and walk along George Street
  • Hrs: 6am – 5pm (Mon-Wed, Fri), 6am – 6pm (Thu), 8am – 4:30pm (Sat), 8am – 4pm (Sun)
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​Huang Taiji 黄太吉 @George Street, Sydney

2016-08-17-16-21-00We wanted to go grab a quick bite before meeting our friend, and Chicken Schnitzel Jianbing 鸡柳蔬菜煎饼 (A$9.90) from this fast food restaurant seemed like a good option!

Served in a huge paper bag, it was piping hot and huge! It was soft egg crepe on the outside, followed by a yummy crispy fried wanton skin-like batter, with all other ingredients such as fried chicken, vegetables and sauces were all rolled inside.

Sweet and savoury, it was a great snack for 2 to share, or one could be quite full eating it alone, for it was quite huge. Would be perfect if the chicken was larger… 🙂


  • Location: 16/501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Townhall Station and walk along George Street
  • Hrs: 8am – 9:30pm (Sun-Thu), 8am – 12:30am (Fri-Sat)
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​My Sweet Memory @George Street, Sydney

2016-08-16-19-26-15We chanced upon this part cafe, part stationery shop, that was still opened at night (most cafes in Sydney closed at 4-5pm), and decided to have our after-meal drinks here!

It was a fairly quiet night, and there were a few students studying hard here.

There was a special cake set special for any cakes (usual price A$8) and a drink, so we settled for a Flat White (usual price A$3.50 for regular), Matcha Latte (A$4.50 for regular), and the best-seller Nutella & Oreo Cheesecake (because it looked so cute).

The flat white was bitter and strong. I had a sugar shock when I took the first sip of my matcha latte, and took a few more sips before the matcha bitterness floated up to my taste buds.

The cheesecake in a cup was a good balance of sweet and saltiness. We were pleasantly surprised that it was not very sweet, given its name. And of course, the matcha latte did not taste sweet anymore after eating the cheesecake, haha!

This place also sells a variety of cute stationery near the order counter. Overall, an interesting and cosy cafe to chill out.


  • Location: 708 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Central Station or take the Light Rail to Capitol Square and walk along George Street.
  • Hrs: 8:30am – 10pm (Mon-Thu), 8:30am – 11pm (Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat)
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