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The Tiramisu Hero Cafe @Jalan Besar

2017-01-30 14.35.16After our sumptuous brunch, we went to stroll off the calories and eventually ended up at Tiramisu Hero. It looked like it was going to rain soon, so that was the perfect excuse for us to enter the cafe 😛

This was a cosy little cafe with cutesy decorations, and Sir Antonio, the cafe’s mascot, was really cute too 🙂

Once we were comfortably seated, we got ourselves Belgian Waffles ($7), and the original MommaHero ($7.50) tiramisu.

It was really pleasant that they took note of our special request to put the honey by the side and to skip the icing. We loved the waffles that was crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside!

In fact, we preferred the waffles to the tiramisu, as the ladyfingers were a bit dry, and the overall taste was a tad too sweet for our liking. Hubby also had a Caffe Latte ($5.50), which he thought was pretty alright.


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Swee Choon Tim Sum 瑞春点心 @Jalan Besar

Popular place for dim sum

Popular place for dim sum

The restaurant opened swiftly at 6pm and many tables were already filled! But the restaurant is huge and we got a table and seats at a corner of the air-con room.

There are also seats that do not have air-con and there’s also a long queue for takeaways. We were just glad we were here when they opened or we might have to have a long wait too!

The internal decoration is typical Chinese-style with Chinese paintings lining the walls. To order, we just need to tick our selections on the menu and a waitress will put in our order to the kitchen.

What we liked about Swee Choon is they put the number of pieces per serving so we know exactly what (and how much) we are getting. Neat! 🙂

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Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH) @Jalan Besar

You could never tell a cafe is in here!

You could never tell a cafe is in here!

We were at this area for a book launch (very proud of Ms V’s daddy :D) and decided to all pop by for drinks and desserts.

What a crowded place on a Saturday afternoon!! Completely packed and slightly chaotic within the air-conditioned area, we had to make do with outdoor seats on a sunny afternoon…

Enjoyed the music, but it was a very noisy place with people shouting at one another over the music. Not suitable for chilling on weekends perhaps? While we find the place quite interesting, it was really too noisy for our liking, and the fans at the outdoor seating area were simply insufficient.

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