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源味手工笋粿 @AMK Blk 226 Eating House

Koo Cai Kueh

Koo Cai Kueh

We were looking for nibbles and recalled that we didn’t quite manage to eat here the last round, as everything was sold out! Since we were quite early today, we decided to try! And erm, we were told that it would be a 30 minute wait because all they were still making the kuehs!

Actually, it was a 20 minute wait, because we saw a queue suddenly forming. The stall people recognised hubby and quickly gave him the food! And so we had Soon Kueh ($0.90 for the turnip version, and $1.10 for the bamboo shoot version), Koo Cai Kueh ($0.80), and Orh Kueh, aka Yam Cake ($1.10).

Hubby actually wanted to try the bamboo shoot version of soon kueh, but unfortunately, they took the incorrect order. However, the slightly spicy turnip version was also very good! We loved the chewy texture of the skins for all the kuehs, and with the fillings still warm and fragrant, we wiped out all the kuehs within minutes!


  • Location: 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 S(560226)
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