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Bhutan Day 5 – Bumthang

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 5, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Hot oat porridge

Hot oat porridge

Today I had a very hard time crawling out of the very warm bed into the cold room. Hubby managed to set up the fire so I waited for the room to warm up before getting up :p It was too cold to shower!! Breakfast was the hottest we had so far! The lovely pipping hot oat porridge, which remained hot till the last drop, really warmed us up 🙂 There was also egg and toast, pretty standard fare.

Back to our room, we had difficulty getting the fire up again and had used up almost half the match sticks. Finally, while hubby was outside trying to gather more wood, he met one of the staff who helped us get the fire started with a single match stick and a tiny piece of wood. Talk about being experienced huh :p

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