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浪速割烹 喜川/㐂川 Naniwa Kappo Kigawa @大阪 Osaka, Japan

IMG_3104IMG_3103We had tried to ask our hotel to help us with the reservations, but they were unable to, due to some reservations policy. Nonetheless, we decided to try our luck walking in. Turned out that we were the very first customers at 12 noon when we arrived.

There were 3 lunch menu, and the difference between the ¥8,000 and ¥6,000 menu was an additional main dish of grilled wagyu beef. We didn’t get to see what was in the ¥15,000 menu, but anyway we opted for the ¥6,000 one, knowing that we would be eating lots during the trip 😅

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Takumi Restaurant @Keppel Bay

2016-09-03-20-42-58We took a leisurely stroll from Vivocity to Keppel Island, in our attempt to make our space in our tummies for dinner 😛

We read some good reviews at Takumi, and we are always eager to try Japanese food!

Takumi is a Japanese fine dining restaurant headed by Chef Okumura Kenji, and hails both a Robata and a Teppan counter all under one roof. The environment is uniquely Japanese zen-like with lots of space and private dining options too.

Fresh seafood is sourced from Tsukiji market and served at the special sushi counter and one can watch on as Chef Shigeru Shiraishi puts his knife skills and nimble hands to work.

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​Minamishima @Richmond, Melbourne

2016-08-10-19-22-32We were put on waiting list for this very popular Japanese restaurant that only serves dinner omakase, and were delighted when we received a call the day before that there was a table available at 7.30pm! We were so excited and decided to give up having dinner at the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market.

It was an easy tram ride to Richmond, and though we arrived 30 minutes ahead of time, we were ushered to our table to rest in the warmth of the restaurant.

There were some specials available today, but we decided to just stick to the standard omakase meal of A$150.

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Ishinomaki Grill and Sake Bar @Palaris Renaissance

As part of our redeem-voucher-coz-Starhub-points-expiring exercise, we had a 1-for-1 $60++ 6-course Omakase deal at Ishinomaki Grill and Sake. It was a fairly popular place for Saturday lunch, and there were at least 2 other couples enjoying the same deal, all seated at the same corner of the restaurant.

2016-07-02 13.33.57

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Teppei Restaurant @Orchid Hotel

2016-03-02 22.17.38We finally set foot on the legendary Teppei Restaurant, where the current reservation queue is half a year!

Hubby was following Teppei’s Facebook page for any last minute cancellations, and it appeared that we were always missing that little bit of luck. But our chance came on one fine day in Dec 2015 where Teppei opened up a few slots at the same time for the next few months. Without missing a bit, hubby messaged and secured two seats for the 8:30pm session on 2 Mar 2016!

After a not-so-long wait of 3 months, we arrived at the restaurant full of expectations, and saw that the 6:30pm session people were just finishing their dessert and taking their leave.

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