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London 2014 Part 2

Time past so fast, and we were now at the tail-end of our vacation!

You would have read about our London Part 1, and our 5 days in Iceland. After coming back from Iceland, we just wanted to take it slow and did not plan a lot of activities. The previous posts were some of the places we visited and ate.

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London 2014 Part 1

Wifey had to go for a work trip to London (and Birmingham and Gloucester) for first 2 weeks in Oct and the plan was for me to join her at the tail-end of her trip and to extend her vacation in London and Iceland for another 2 weeks!

Her work would end on 17 Oct (Friday) in Gloucester and she and her colleagues would travel back to London on 18 Oct where I would meet her. My plan (after factoring cost of SQ ticket, timing of flight, my work, etc., etc.) was to travel out of Singapore on 16 Oct night, and arrive on 17 Oct morning (after a 13-hr flight!) which would leave me with a full day in London before meeting her.

We would then stay in London until 22 Oct (tonight) and fly to Iceland early morning of 23 Oct and stayed until 27 Oct to fly back to London.

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