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Sin Ming Roti Prata @Sin Ming

2016-05-16 10.32.51

We walked past this place a few months back and noticed a long queue forming. So we made a resolution to return on a day when we would have the time to queue.

So today happened to be the day! We ordered:

  • Fried Fish ($3): The small piece fish was actually quite nice, with firm flesh, and minus the super fishy smell that we sometimes encounter.
  • Coin Prata ($3.50 for a set of 6): This was awesome! Thick, crispy and still kinda fluffy inside, there was a nice sweetness and it tasted great even on its own.
  • Tissue Prata with Cheese ($3): This was not very crispy, not sure if it was because we added cheese. The cheese added a different aromatic flavour to it, and was not the overly salty type.

We would definitely come back for the coin prata and other types of prata!


  • Location: 24 Sin Ming Rd Jin Fa Kopitiam #01-51 S(570024)
  • Hrs: 6am – 7pm (Mon-Sat)
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