Prata Raya @AMK Hub

Chicken Bryani

Chicken Bryani

Went to grab lunch at this little outlet right outside the main building of AMKHub before visiting Challenger (hoping not to have to go Comex@Expo… haha!)

Ordered Nasi Briyani Chicken and Sardine Murtabak, along with Kopi C Kosong and Teh Tarik (less sweet).

I think it’s very important to emphasize less sweet, otherwise I will die of sugar high 😛 less sweet was just nice!

The nasi bryani was alright… curry was spicy and the chicken breast meat not overly tough, but the cracker was a huge disappointment! It was soft and not crispy at all 😦

Wonderful Sardine Murtabak

Wonderful Sardine Murtabak

After a very long wait (almost done with the bryani), the murtabak was finally ready! It was huge and very delicious! Served as 4 quarters, the murtabak was thin and crispy and seemingly healthy (not dripping oil)! The sardine did not have the fishy taste that was almost always present when we had murtabak elsewhere. I guess good food = long wait huh?

Food prices weren’t really cheap but actually 2 persons could share the murtabak and be really full!


  • Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 AMK Hub #01-38/39 S(569933)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm
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