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Mamak Culture @Toa Payoh

1-For-1 Offer!

1-For-1 Offer!

There was a 1-for-1 offer for Western food (usual price $8.90) at Mamak Culture, so we got ourselves a chicken with Hainanese sauce,  a fried fish with chilli crab sauce, and a less sweet teh tarik ($1.90).

The teh tarik was excellent! Very smooth and not too sweet or acidic, we finished the drink in no time!

We were in for a little surprise when we saw our mains. There were 3 fried fish fillets but only 1 not-too-big chicken thigh meat. The sauces were also given in rather small quantities and were barely sufficient. However, the chicken was very juicy, and we preferred it to the fish. I guess its a choice of quantity versus quality? Sides includes potato wedges, baked beans and coleslaw. Certainly value-for-money with the promotion!

We rather enjoyed the food, but the service was very slow. We had to wait for the staff to prepare the orders of the previous customers before he would take our orders. So it was a good 5 to 10 minute wait by the counter, followed by more waiting while they prepare our orders 😮


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Jalan Kayu The Prata Cafe @United Square

Prata is much more satisfying

Prata is much more satisfying

After a super dissatisfying dinner, we decided to go for something sinful. And prata it is!!

Order a Mushroom and Cheese Prata ($3.40), Kopi-C Kosong ($1.80) and Teh-Cino less sweet ($2.10).

The kopi had a strange burnt taste, but it was still way nicer than the look-like-tea-but-taste-like-water-with-milk drink that I had. Gosh! Was tonight destined to be a night of terrible food?

Thankfully, the prata was freshly made and was warm and crispy, so we felt a bit less aggrieved…


  • Location: 101 Thomson Road United Square Shopping Mall #01-12/13 S(307591)
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 9:30pm
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Seah Im Food Centre @Telok Blangah

Yummy Murtabak

Yummy Murtabak

Before the healthy walk at the Southern Ridges, we gotta have sinful breakfast 😛

The sardines murtabak from Rezki Allah Indian Muslim Food Stall and the teh tarik and kopi-c kosong from the drinks stall next door provided us with the energy needed for the walk 😀

The 10-min wait for the murtabak was very worth, coz the murtabak was hot and crispy, and didn’t taste very oily or fishy, really quite yummy!

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Prata Raya @AMK Hub

Chicken Bryani

Chicken Bryani

Went to grab lunch at this little outlet right outside the main building of AMKHub before visiting Challenger (hoping not to have to go Comex@Expo… haha!)

Ordered Nasi Briyani Chicken and Sardine Murtabak, along with Kopi C Kosong and Teh Tarik (less sweet).

I think it’s very important to emphasize less sweet, otherwise I will die of sugar high 😛 less sweet was just nice!

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